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Some two, and all three and four year olds are entitled to free part-time early years education (EYE).


Kiddywinks offers ‘Stretched funding” as well as “Standard funding”.


In Next Steps for Early Learning and Childcare, published in January 2009, the Government set out plans to increase flexibility through making it possible for parents to ‘stretch’ their free early years education provision for eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds by accessing fewer hours across more weeks of the year. The current Government has upheld this commitment.


The 38 week (term time only, 15 hours per week) free early years education term time delivery will remain as the Standard Offer.

Parents who wish to “stretch” their free entitlement over a longer period than the standard term are able to do so by “stretching” their entitlement over a maximum of 48 weeks per annum at Kiddywinks.


This will enable those parents whose children attend for childcare and early years education to do so across a full year. There will be the opportunity to access the free entitlement in this “stretched” way to assist them to budget and balance work or other commitments consistently across a full calendar year.

Both the “standard” and “stretched offer” fit into what are known as “funding periods.” The funding periods are;


1 January - 31 March

1 April 31 – August

1 September – 31 December


Kiddywinks will offer both a “standard” and “stretched” offer. Each child’s maximum free entitlement for both the “standard” and the “stretched” offer is 570 hours per birthday year. The birthday year starts the funding period after the child’s third birthday.

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